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5 Dollar Traffic School - San Francisco County

So you got a ticket and went to traffic court, and now you have to go to traffic school. We know you want the best options, but don't have the time or energy for a lot of hassle. Plus, those fines really did a number on your bank account! 5 Dollar Traffic School is here to ease all of those burdens. Don't have the time and energy to make it to class in person? No problem! Our classes are online. Now, you ask, how much do I have to pay for this helpful service? Well, our name isn't misleading; we offer this DMV licensed service for only 5 dollars, not only in San Francisco County but also in all other counties in California. Don't believe it? Check the verified reviews on Facebook to see what people have to say about our helpful service.


Ready for a quick, easy, inexpensive and efficient experience? That's what you'll get with us. We're dedicated to making this experience as painless as possible, before, during, and after. To start, we have the shortest registration process in California. Next, you can get an Audio Read Along Upgrade of the course as an alternative to reading it yourself. We know you're busy, so we made it possible for you to learn what you need while you exercise, clean the house, or do anything else you need to do! Lastly, once you complete the course we will electronically and immediately submit your completion to the DMV and court. And, if you don't have time to follow up with the court to check the status of your case, with our Case Status upgrade we will contact the San Francisco County courthouse to make sure they processed your completion and email you proof. This means that if you are worried you won't finish before your deadline, you just need worry about speeding through our fast but comprehensive course, and everything else will be handled for you.


You've got a busy life already, let us make it easier for you. For just 5 dollars, you can get your life back, with minimal hassle. Sign up today!

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Licensed in ALL California Counties and Courts including but not limited to:
Alameda County
Contra Costa County
Fresno County
Los Angeles County
Orange County
Riverside County
Sacramento County
San Bernardino County
San Diego County
San Francisco County

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