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5 Dollar Traffic School - Fresno County

5 Dollar Traffic School in Fresno County


Did you just get a traffic ticket in Fresno County? If you did, you might be looking for the quickest and easiest way to keep that ticket off your record. Who needs that hassle? Well, at 5 Dollar Traffic School we have the perfect way to take care of the ticket cheaply, easily, and conveniently.


5 Dollar Traffic School is a DMV-licensed traffic school for Fresno County and the rest of California. Click here to view our DMV license. With our case status Upgrade, you can avoid that hassle of having to go to or call the Fresno County Superior Courthouse to check your case status after you complete our traffic school.


You might be wondering if 5 Dollar Traffic School is really just $5? Yes, it is. We really do charge $5 for the basic traffic school, with no add-ons or fees. Check our Facebook page for reviews to see what past students say about us if you need some convincing.


How can students finish our traffic school quickly? We designed the course to help you speed through the lessons while still learning about traffic laws and about driving techniques you need to know. You can avoid another ticket and become a better driver. We know a cheap and fast online traffic school is what California drivers want, so we created the 5 Dollar Traffic School. You can complete the traffic school for $5 or you can take advantage of one of our awesome upgrades.


5 Dollar Traffic School offers four upgrades. Here are two of our most popular. Do you like listening to audio books? If you don't like reading, we offer the Audio Read Along Upgrade, which is basically an audio book version of the course. Don't want to worry about the status of your ticket after you complete the course? You might also choose the Case Status Notification Upgrade. This feature uses our unique technology to pull information on your status from the courthouse and send it to you. You never have to wonder if the your case was closed because we will check for you and email you once it has. 5 Dollar Traffic School clearly is the best choice in Fresno and throughout California for cheap and reliable traffic school.

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