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Got a ticket in Orange County and looking for the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to get rid of it so its masked from your record? The right Traffic Violators School (TVS) for you is the DMV licensed online $5 Traffic School.


Since July 1, 2011, traffic violations for which drivers elect to attend classroom or online TVS sessions have been no longer dismissals on driving records but confidential convictions not shown (masked). The TVS program allows drivers cited for moving violations to receive instruction in driving and traffic safety. Successful completion of this program masks the conviction and helps keep your insurance rates low.


The Clerk of the Superior Court of California for Orange County, which exercises jurisdiction over traffic offenses, can authorize an eight-hour TVS if the defendant is a licensed driver, the ticket is for an infraction under the California Vehicle Code, and the violation is reportable to the DMV.


Drivers may take as many courses as needed to pass. Open-book tests help along the way. Grading of exams and course results is instantaneous. You can take the course from your computer or any mobile device. No special software is necessary. Drivers attending the $5 Traffic School online can use their current browsers for completing the course. Drivers set the pace for the speed at which they complete the course. They can breeze through them if they wish.


Drivers who complete TVS at the $5 Traffic School avoid boring, tedious classroom coursework and the time and trouble involved for on-site attendance. They have no need to miss work, drive to remote locations, and sit through boring lectures. Instead, they have instant access to the course and final exam.


Deadline approaching for completing TVS on time? The $5 Traffic School electronically files the certificates for passing the course with the DMV and the Superior Court. Completion certificates are sent electronically immediately upon course completion.


But the $5 Traffic School is not just the fastest, easiest, and cheapest online traffic school course. The registration process is the quickest in California. An audio read-along upgrade of the course is available, and a case status notification upgrade means you will never have to call the court after you complete the course to check the status of your case. We will check foryou and email you when your case has closed.


Click here to see a copy of our DMV License E1014 for the $5 Traffic School TVS on the DMV website. Check out verified reviews on Facebook to see what others have to say.

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