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If you've gotten a ticket in San Bernardino County and are eligible to attend traffic school to get that ticket masked, the 5 Dollar Traffic School, which is DMV licensed for San Bernardino County and throughout California might be a great choice for you. This means if you got a speeding ticket in Redlands on your way to the Coachella Music festival, neglected to turn on your turn indicator in Ontario or made an unsafe lane change trying to get to the exit for the Cabazon Outlet, you can choose the 5 Dollar Traffic School instead of having a blemish on your driving record.


In order to qualify to attend traffic school there are specific rules. You must have committed a moving violation, not have attended traffic school for a moving violation for the past 18 months, and possess a valid driver's license. You cannot attend traffic school if your violation is a misdemeanor, involves alcohol, involves a non-moving violation or if you were driving a commercial vehicle with a commercial license.


The 5 Dollar Traffic School is an online traffic school that focuses its efforts on getting students through the program quickly but ensuring they have learned the traffic laws and techniques thoroughly, so that the driving errors that got the student here will not be repeated in the future. The online course was specifically designed and written in a way that allows the student to get through the class in a timely manner. When you have finished the course, an electronic certificate of completion is immediately sent to the DMV and San Bernardino County so that the incident does not go on your record.


If you want to get even more immersed in your learning process or you just prefer audio to visual, you can purchase the Audio Read Along upgrade and have the course read to you instead of reading or in addition to reading the coursework. Another great upgrade you can purchase is the Case Status Notification upgrade, which means you do not have to contact the court to check the status of your case after you complete the course. The 5 Dollar Traffic School team will get the case status information for you and send it to you in an email. It doesn't get much more convenient!


Despite the traffic crawling along on the freeways, Californians appreciate being able to move quickly, and the 5 Dollar Traffic School provides the perfect venue for a productive, fast-track learning experience. They offer a comprehensive course designed for drivers who want the access and ease of learning online but are serious about keeping their driving records clean and learning what they need to know in order to drive safely in the future.

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